Create your online store in a few minutes!

Ready site, where customers will be able to arrange and pay for the order. Simple settings, ready delivery modules and connected payment service.

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Own online store
Create your website without programming. No needs to connect the payment service, everything is connected. Adaptive version of the site - will be able to place your order with a desktop, tablet and mobile
Fast start
Simple website builder allows create websites quickly and easily. Create goods for your online store and activate the store to accept payments
At the site client can specify the data for delivery only through the service with which you are working. You do not need additional integrations and customizations.
Payments сontrol
Receive a notification in the messenger with each payment on the site. Manage payments and control statistics in your account or mobile app
Receive payments
Add the required payment method, without additional integrations: Google Pay, Apple Pay, cards, etc. Sell even rasrochku online.
Website Creation - FREE. No monthly tariffs. Pay only when you've sold the goods, only 2% of the successful payment

For quick launch online store

Just create a list of products and place your website with a simple constructor. Get ready site, where the customer can create and pay for the order.

No complicated integrations. You can add the desired type of delivery and enable desired payment methods, even to sell in installments online.

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How does it work?

Create products
Sign up WayForPay. The payment instrument in the menu Showcase to create products for the store
Create an online store
Arrange site: add banners, logo, description, address and contacts, select shipping and payment methods. save site
Information on all paid orders will be displayed in the dashboard, and the money will flow up the account

For whom is suitable

Shops in Instagram
Shops in Facebook
For online sales
Food delivery
Any service sector

Easy creation and management of goods

Create a product card in a couple of clicks. Add modification (size, weight, and so forth.). Create a category

Delivery and payment methods

It is not necessary to connect the module to accept payments and delivery - everything is connected. Available even pay in installments online.

Monitor payments and orders

Control orders are paid in your online store in your dashboard, mobile app, or messengers.

What about the rates?

Website Creation - FREE
Only commission for successful payment, regardless of the payment method.
Create internet-shop
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